Keira Knightley in Mary Katrantzou

London-based designer Mary Katrantzou is one of T’s fashion favourites. The last time we posted a look of hers it was on Vogue Nippon‘s Editor-at-Large, Anna Dello Russo, from whom we’ve come to expect bold graphics and unexpected silhouettes.

Actress Keira Knightley isn’t one we normally look to for the most fashion forward ensembles, but on this day, in this outfit, she managed to blow us away. Her sleek bob, chic sunglasses and Fall 2011 Katrantzou dress made for a fierce lady-who-lunches look.


Mary Katrantzou


Born: 1986 in Greece

Greek born Print designer Mary Katrantzou is fast making a name for herself with her bold and graphic prints. She studied at Rhode Island School of Design before transferring to Central Saint Martins to complete a BA in Textile Design. She then went on to graduate from Central Saint Martins with a distinction in MA Fashion.

Mary Katrantzou opened the Central Saint Martins AW08 Show with a collection that featured trompe l’oeil digital prints of oversized jewellery on bonded jersey dresses. The collection was credited by Sarah Mower as outstanding on and by Penny Martin for originality.

Inspired by Constructivism and early 70’s references, her prints have created the illusion of wearing giant neckpieces that would be too heavy to wear. Blurring the line between real and printed jewellery. The collection also featured jewellery pieces made out of wood and metal, designed as exact replicas of her prints.

Equipped with the valuable insight that she gained though working for Sophia Kokosalaki and selling her samples to Bill Blass, she is now focused on establishing her own distinctive style. Her strength as a fashion designer lies in her use of digital printing and her interpretation of colour and symmetry, in creating bold prints with a hyper-realist aesthetic.

After receiving new generation sponsorship, she made her official on schedule debut with her AW0910 collection during London Fashion Week.


One comment on “Keira Knightley in Mary Katrantzou

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