David Bailey Photography

Honorary Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society

Fellow of the Royal Society for the encouragement of Art, Manufactures & Commerce

Fellow of the Society of Industrial Artists and Designers

He’s also the basis for the photographer in the classic  Blow Up


1959 onwards: Photographer for British, American, French & Italian Vogue

1966 onwards: Director of commercials

1968 to 1971: Director and Producer of television documentaries including «Beaton», «Warhol» and «Visconti»



Numerous awards including for commercials:

The  Golden Lion – Cannes

The Cleo – America

American Television Award

D&AD Gold – London

EMMY Award – America

1998 D&AD – Presidents Award – London

2001 Awarded CBE

2005 Centenary Medal RPS

2006 Lucie Awards

2008 New York Arts Club Gold Medal

Films 1992: BBC Drama «Who Dealt?» Directed by David Bailey, starring Juliette Stevenson,

Films 1995: South Bank Films «The Lady is a Tramp» Directed and Written by David Bailey, featuring Catherine Bailey


1998: Documentary  David Bailey & Ginger Television Production «Models Close Up»

Directed by David Bailey Commissioned by Channel 4 Television

1999: GFT Kingsborough/Steve Walsh Productions

Director feature film «The Intruder»

2003: BBC  “The Real Blow Up”

2004: BBC “ Bailey’s  70’s” Fame Fashion and Photography

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